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Submersible lighting adds brilliant highlights to any installation.

PowerGlo Underwater Lighting allows enjoyment of the pond after dark with a stunning display that provides the perfect backdrop to garden parties and family barbeques…

PowerGlo Pond Light Kit (PT1555)
Includes: 2 submersible pond lights with bases and an 88W low voltage transformer, with 3 settings to turn lights on, off, and 4 or 6 hours after dusk. Two additional 18W Laguna lights can be added for a maximum of four lights per transformer.

Laguna PowerGlo incandescent pond lights operate at lower temperatures, generate less heat and are also suitable for waterfall highlighting.

Each PowerGlo pond lights are fixed on its own individual ballast for easy submersion. The whole system is simple to install without tools. A selection of colored lenses, available separately, lets you create some exciting effects to really bring the pond to life when the sun goes down.

PowerGlo Pond Light (PT1570)
Plastic ballast to be filled with gravel

Changing the lens is a snap! So, no need to be bored with the same old picture, change the colors of dancing highlights at will.

Color Lenses
(PT1581) Red
(PT1582) Blue
(PT1583) Green
(PT1584) Amber


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