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Small mammals reproduce very rapidly and you should not put male and female together unless you are sure that you can find good homes for the young.
When the female is expecting, she spends a lot of time preparing the nest area. Hamster Fluff and Midnight Blanket offer safe nesting comfort.
Remove the male from the den, for he will be a threat to the offspring. Be careful not to disturb the female during the first few days after birth.
Give the female fresh food every day and extra vitamins and minerals after the young are born.

Small amounts of high protein, high calcium treats and fresh items such as cheese and broccoli are recommended (for pet rodents). Alfalfa Hay has extra protein and calcium for milk production and may be offered to both rabbits and rodents.

Offer Vitamin Supplement-Conditioner and snacks like Honey and Vegetable Sticks, Honey and Nut Sticks and Peanut Butter Bars to rodents.

Small Pals Pens can be used to house weaned offspring until a full-sized cage is purchased.


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