Ideal for Large Breeds, Older Dogs,
or Dogs with Muscle and Joint Problems

The Dogit® Large Drinking Fountain for Dogs responds to your dog's need for water by providing a continuous source of fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water.

Like humans, pets require water as a vital element for survival. For a large dog, having to bend low to drink may not be particularly comfortable as it can cause strain on his neck and back muscles. This is particularly true if the dog happens to be an older dog, or if the dog has arthritis, muscle or joint problems.

If drinking is painful or uncomfortable, the dog is likely to drink less -- which means he may not be drinking enough water which is essential for proper kidney function.

The Dogit® Large Drinking Fountain for Dogs encourages your pet to drink more water by providing a more comfortable drinking position. It's elevated design helps ease the strain on your dog's neck and back muscles and raises the water to his level so he can reach it more easily.

Encouraging your dog to drink more water helps ensure proper kidney function,
as well as being beneficial to his overall health and well-being

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