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Lowest Phosphorous
Less Algae
Fish foods containing optimum levels of phosphorous are important to control the growth of algae in aquariums. The dietary requirement of phosphorous for fish has a very narrow ideal range. It should be higher than 0.5% but not exceed 0.9%. NUTRAFIN Max is the only fish food that has the ideal phosphorous content among the major brands of food tested.

The Phosphorous and Algae Connection

Planktonic algae bloom in an aquarium is an unsightly problem. The primary productivity of algae requires light and three elements - carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in an approximate ratio 106C:16N:1P. The ratio indicates that even a tiny amount of phosphorus can trigger algae growth in the presence of sufficient light and concentrations of the other two elements in water. Carbon and nitrogen are usually abundant in aquariums, whereas phosphorus comes primarily from fish food. Therefore, a food containing optimum level of phosphorus is important to restrain algae blooms in aquariums.

While fish need phosphorus for proper growth, it is believed that the dietary requirement of phosphorus is less than 0.9% for most species (Nutrients Requirements for Fish Diets, National Research Council). However, the bioavailability varies greatly for the phosphorus provided by different food ingredients so that lots of phosphorus in an ordinary fish food releases in water. In contrast to ordinary fish foods on the market, NUTRAFIN Max contains highly digestible phosphorus contributing to premium natural ingredients and superior formulation. Consequently, the total phosphorus level in NUTRAFIN Max can be significantly reduced to limit indigestible phosphorus releasing in water. While meeting fish nutrition requirement, NUTRAFIN Max contains the least phosphorus among the fish foods tested.

Both minimum (0.6%) and maximum (0.9%) levels of phosphorus are guaranteed on the labels of many NUTRAFIN Max products. When you buy fish food, check the guaranteed analysis for phosphorus levels on labels to ensure that you are buying a quality fish food and not a pollutant.

Note: Tests of the four major fish food brands were performed by an independent laboratory.


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