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Always treat pond water before adding livestock. Chlorine and chloramine in tap water will kill fish. Use Laguna Water Prep for fast and effective dechlorination.

Keep sharp objects well away from pool liners.

Install the pump on bricks or blocks to minimize clogging.

The maximum height of your fountain should be approximately half the width of your pond.

Allow for 1 inch of fish per square foot of surface area. With improved filtration from a fountain or waterfall, it is possible to increase to 2 inches.

It is recommended to keep large koi and carp in large, well filtered ponds.

The pond should be at least 3 ft (1 m) deep and have vertical sides projecting above the surface to prevent the fish from jumping out!

Oxygenating plants provide oxygen only during daylight. Fish may suffer stress during warm, still nights unless additional oxygen is provided. Water agitation created by a splashing fountain or waterfall is ideal.

Although most pumps operate from your normal electrical supply, the installation should be a planned and permanent one incorporating a circuit breaker. Always use cables and connectors designed specifically for outdoor and water garden use. Have your system installed or checked by a qualified electrician.

The finishing touches
It's important to choose the right fish and plants for your pond. Consult your local pet shop or garden center for advice and help.


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