1. Every seed eating pet bird needs it. It is true that some special pets eating a wide variety of foods get many more nutrients than their less fortunate fellows, but mixed diets featuring table food, vegetables, fruits and so on are hard to BALANCE. How can you know what calcium phosphorous ratio is being offered (much less what is actually ingested)? Or what amino acids are being ingested - all of them or some of them? The Bronx zoo has done a study on captive birds being offered a nutritionist balanced diet, finely chopped and mixed, and found the birds STILL picked out favourite foods and managed to end up deficient.

  2. Birds raising young or laying eggs (especially excessive egg layers) will benefit from PRIME as this is an extremely high calcium content supplement, phosphorous FREE. (Great for iguanas too!). PRIME is the ONLY supplement to use calcium gluconate as its carrier, a naturally sweet substance of highly bioavailable calcium.

  3. Birds that need PRIME should have it sprinkled over greens or fruit each morning. Using it in the water is possible but not recommended, as most consumers object to the odour of sulfur dioxide produced by our (very viable!) beneficial bacteria cultures. PRIME isn't based on sugar so does not dissolve instantly in water, but will always do so within a few minutes. PRIME has so much calcium that some of it will still precipitate out in a saturated solution. For all these reasons we have found consumers prefer to use it in food, not water.

  4. No liquid vitamin has the minerals that PRIME does. And powdered supplements are usually more STABLE. Also, PRIME has beneficial bacteria that are MICROENCAPSULATED, increasing their stability. This makes it excellent for newly arrived and stressed birds. These bacteria help lower the pH in the lumen of the intestine, creating a more negative environment for opportunistic pathogens such as E coli.

Louise Bauck BSc, DVM, MVSc.

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