SPACE STATION, comes with Misson Control, Cosmic Glow Wheel, & Debris Shield                                                                   


A bold new adventure begins!

The next generation in hamster housing, the Space Station is
one of many new space-themed products by Habitrail. Other
items include: Space Explorer, Space Outpost, Space
Observatory, Orbiting Satellite, Command Deck,
Moon Racer
, and more!

Habitrail enables you to be as creative as your imagination allows.

    There are a vast array of new
     "add-ons", "add-ins", and "trails".
           ADD-ONS         TRAILS               
Space Explorer 61962 Lock Connector 61980
Orbiting Satellite 61964 Space Walk 8" 61982
Space Outpost 61972 Space Walk 13" 61983
Space Restaurant 61975 Space Cube 61985
Space Observatory 61977 Space-Tee 61986
Moon Racer 61978 Space-U-Turn 61987
    Space Curve 61988
ADD-INS Space Elbow 61989
Cosmic Glow Wheel 61965 Junior Utility Pack 61992
Command Deck 61967 Senior Untility Pack 61993
Waste Compartment 61970 H2O Life Support 61995

Click on the any part                                                        

Lock Connectors Space Curve Space curve Space Curve Space Walk 8 in. Space Curve Space Walk 13 in. Square Cube Waste Compartment Cosmic Glow Wheel Space Outpost Orbiting Satellite Space Observatory Space Observatory Space Observatory Sapce Explorer Space Restaurant