New Larger Motor
  • Increased pressure
  • Flow rates and head heights have increased 15-25%
  • Air evacuation is dramatically improved

Non-Restrictive Flow
  • With "no-kink" hosing system - no 90 angles, only smooth curves for superior flow through
Aqua Stop
  • New design supports better flow and requires no maintenance
  • Features an adjustable flow valve to safely adjust water flow

Versatile Elbow Connector
  • Easy-fit, secure placement on hosing that allows maximum placement flexibility of Intake and Output on aquarium rim
New Hosing
  • New larger internal diameter "no-kink" ribbed hosing reduces friction and optimizes water flow
  • Increased length (10 feet) to facilicate installation
Simple 2-step Closure
  • Re-engineered lift locking clamp system makes the motor installation even more convenient
  • Easy and secure lock-fit