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Birds are beautiful, intelligent creatures and can make wonderful pets. A wide variety of domesticated species are available in many sizes and colors. There are parrot-type birds: budgerigars (budgies, also called parakeets), lovebirds, cockatiels, cockatoos, conures, amazons, and macaws, as well as non-parrot-type birds like canaries and finches. Smaller birds like budgies, cockatiels, canaries and finches are the most common pet birds.

Almost all medium sized parrots now available are captive bred, including quakers, caiques, pionus, and conures. Many of these make fun, intelligent companion birds.

When considering a bird for your new pet it is best to do some research before buying. Choose a bird that best suits your lifestyle. Consult your pet shop retailer about which species is the best fit for you.

To provide some guidance along the way please download your free copy of the Home Bird Care Guide. The information contained in this guide will help get you off to a good start. For detailed information about a specific bird species consult your local pet retailer, avian veterinarian or aviculturalist.

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Home Bird Care Guide

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