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Laguna Pond Water
Conditioners and Care
Common Sense Answers
to Common Problems and Situations

Laguna Pond Products offer a common sense approach to resolving situations that occasionally arise in a garden pond. Some are due to regular maintenance and some are due to changes in the water environment from external sources that must be controlled. In every case, the Laguna research team has kept two considerations at the forefront.

All Laguna Pond Products are as safe for the fish and their surroundings as possible. No dangerous or toxic compounds are used, to ensure the fish and water are not endangered. Chosen ingredients are always the most effective and safest for all animals and plants. No need to worry if the neighborhood cat or even a pesky raccoon stops for a drink; with Laguna safety is a primary issue.

All Laguna Products are safe to use together. Extensive testing before and during formulation assures you that there will be no unexpected side-effects when two or more products are used together.

Environmental Impact
The long-term effects of Laguna products are a concern for many pond keepers. Along with safe, immediate usage, the long-term effects on the fish and the habitat you create must be beneficial to the environment. Laguna Pond Products do not use algaecides or other harmful poisons to do the job. The main thrust of the Biological Pond Treatments is to improve the ecosystem for the fish by improving the entire pond microcosm.

When traditional solutions are required, harmful compounds are avoided in favor of effective solutions that do the same job safely. Instead of using deadly algaecides, Clear Fast relies on a coagulant that creates large waste (flock) that is trapped and eliminated by the filter, or drop harmlessly to the pond bottom, becoming part of the food chain for beneficial bacteria. By eliminating the use of strong and potentially toxic chemicals when treating your pond, you will find that the fish and their ecological balance within the entire pond will benefit in the long run.

Biological Focus – Environmentally Friendly
Laguna Pond Products use a safe, ecologically sound biological approach wherever possible. The long-term research drawn upon in the careful development and formulation of these products creates the most advanced teams of microorganisms ever assembled to solve specific problems. The major advantage of these teams is that when a treatment is used, besides solving the initial problem, it improves the overall environment. All Laguna's Biological Preparations are beneficial to the ecosystem and cannot harm plants or animals in any way - all they do is improve the entire environment.

Biological treatments such as Bio Booster, Bio Sludge Control and Phosphate Control do more than solve a single problem. Used regularly; they provide beneficial microorganisms that can help combat pathogens. As their populations rise due to regular inoculation, they actually out compete less desirable bacteria and algae for vital nutrients. The result is a healthier, well-adjusted pond environment less prone to disease and other common problems.

Laguna Biological Pond Treatments
Proactive maintenance of the
entire pond ecosystem


Situation: Testing shows ammonia and/or nitrite.
Situation: I want to get the pond started fast.

Use: Pond Detox
  • Reduces Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate
  • Effectively removes liquefied biological waste
  • Keeps pond water healthy
  • Replenishes beneficial microorganisms

Pond Detox brings the purifying power of living microbes to the pond. In highly concentrated form, these strains efficiently remove ammonia and nitrite, dissolved toxins that adversely affect the health of pond fish and plant life. Pond Detox reduces nitrate. When used as directed, Pond Detox maintains proper populations of necessary microorganisms for peak water conditions.

All pools that offer refuge for life produce a number of toxins. Pond Detox is highly concentrated with the correct microorganisms to detoxify these wastes. Add Pond Detox weekly to ensure proper ratios of these beneficial organisms operate efficiently during the life of the pool. Through competitive exclusion these microbes dominate and outcompete harmful and/or pathogenic strains. Pond Detox is safe and effective for the entire pond habitat.

Situation: There is a build-up of waste in the Pond.
Use:Pond Clean
  • Removes organic solids and Pond Sludge
  • Replenishes beneficial microorganisms
  • Instantly Activates

Fish and other pond inhabitants generate large quantities of organic waste. If left untreated, this waste will accumulate faster and create toxic conditions. Pond Clean is a living preparation designed to eliminate sludge and organic waste from pond surfaces. The microorganisms found in Pond Clean efficiently solubilize solid wastes, reducing them dramatically.

Pond Clean may be safely used in any fishpond. Pond Clean provides combination of non-pathogenic strains of microorganisms rarely found in effective concentrations naturally. Add Pond Clean weekly to maintain the proper population of beneficial organisms that eliminate solid, organic waste from pond surfaces.

Situation: The water is green or cloudy
Use: Algae Control
  • Combats green water without harming plants or fish
  • Competes against algae for vital nutrients
  • Lasts longer than chemical treatments
  • Replenishes beneficial microorganisms

Algae Control naturally impedes algae growth when added to pond water. The microorganisms in Algae Control’s super-concentrated formula compete with single-celled, suspended algae for vital nutrients. Without the essential building blocks of life, algae is naturally controlled and reduced. "Algae bloom" is a common nuisance in pools and ponds. If untreated, it becomes dangerous by using valuable oxygen during the night.

Algae Control is not a chemical algaecide, but rather a combination of powerful bacterial teams that improve water conditions for pond inhabitants. This natural method of algae control is not instantaneous; it requires time to take effect.

Algae Control may be safely used in any fishpond to inhibit the growth of algae. Algae Control provides a combination of non-pathogenic bacteria that will not harm pond inhabitants. Added weekly, it reduces and controls algae found in water and on pond surfaces.

Traditional Pond Treatments
Immediately Effective and Safe

Situation: Municipal Water is unsafe to add to my Pond.
Use: Water Prep
  • Makes Tap Water Safe for Fish
  • Eliminates chlorine and chloramine from tap water
  • Neutralizes harmful metals
  • Coats and Protects fins and scales

Water Prep eliminates harmful chlorine or chloramine from newly added tap water, immediately making pond water safe for inhabitants. It also neutralizes toxic metal ions found in tap water before they can harm fish. Water Prep’s coating agents bond to fish skin and scales where the natural coating has been breached, offering time for the natural production of the protective slime coat.

Always ensure that fresh tap water is made safe before it comes into contact with fish. Water Prep will ensure that fresh tap water is made safe before it comes into contact with fish. It should be added to a pond whenever tap water is added.

Most municipal water supplies are treated with chemicals to make them safe for human consumption. As a result, tap water may be harmful to fish and other aquatic life. In addition, the natural characteristics of the water supply and transport system may contribute a number of metallic ions that cause damage to the fish and their environment.

Situation: My Plants are not thriving
Use: Plant Grow
  • Growth Food for Aquatic Plants
  • Promotes growth and color
  • Helps plants fight disease
  • Contains no Phosphates or Nitrates
  • Non-Toxic to plants or animals

Plant Grow replenishes the vital elements necessary to achieve thriving aquatic plant growth. Unlike other plant fertilizers, Plant Grow’s special formulation contains neither phosphates nor nitrates, substances know to promote algae bloom. Each element in this balanced formula can be readily absorbed, for rapid uptake by plant roots and leaf structures. Plant Grow encourages a full root system and broad leaf structure, promotes full and vibrant color, and intensifies enzymatic reactions throughout the plant.

Plants use a large quantity of minerals and other vital elements, as they grow and flourish. In the captive environment of a pond or pool, these elements can be rapidly depleted by flora. When added to pond water weekly, Plant Grow provides essential elements required for healthy and vibrant aquatic plants. Plant Grow may be safely used to enhance the beauty and vitality of live pond plants.

Situation: The water is Green or Cloudy – I want it clear NOW!
Use: Green Water Clarifier
  • Fast Acting Formula
  • Precipitates suspended algae
  • Clears cloudy water
  • Contains no algaecides
  • Safe for plants and fish
  • 100% Biodegradable

Green water is often the result of excessive organic materials and strong sunlight. Pond water becomes clouded with suspended material such as algae, bacterial blooms, and fine particles that do not settle due to their minute size. Green Water Clarifier is a quick acting coagulant that bonds with suspended particles, making them heavy enough to be removed by filtration or fall to the bottom of the pond.

Green Water Clarifier may be safely used in any fishpond to quickly correct clouded water by ionically attracting and clumping floating particles.


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