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EVOLUTION through innovation combined with the intelligent application of technology to produce a first-in-class series of external canister filters. The Fluval 05 series is the filtration system of choice if you want to achieve maximum versatility and premium performance to create aquatic masterpieces.

Canister Filters Performance & Features

Each energy efficient model in the Fluval 05 series is powered by a motor engineered for top performance, complete reliability and maximum efficiency.


Output Nozzle & Intake Strainer
The Output Nozzle delivers a continuous flow of filtered water, creating surface agitation that helps keep solids in suspension until they can be filtered.

The Intake Strainer design promotes the capture of large debris in an innovative way that prevents clogging, reduces maintenance and helps ensure that filter operation is never impeded.
Instant Prime
For convenient, simple and quick filter start-up. No need for manual siphoning.
Reinforced Canister
Canister is now reinforced with glass fibers to provide increased quality and durability.

AquaStopTM Valve
The unique valve creates an air and watertight seal that permits hosing to be disconnected without breaking the vacuum. This means that the system can be started up again without the need for priming after routine maintenance.

Offers unparalleled convenience and ease of use. The AquaStopTM lever can also be used during filtration to reduce water flow without harming the motor or its components.
Lift-Lock Clamps
  • Securely lock motor housing in place.
  • CAM-action technology facilitates opening and closing for ease of maintenance.
  • Clamps are reinforced with glass fibers for maximum strength and durability.
  • Rim Connector Assemblies
    The innovative rim connector assemblies slide on and snap together instantly for extraquick setup. They hold the intake and output hosing securely in place.
    Fluval Multi-Stage Advanced Filtration System

    Fluval's multi-stage filtration system utilizes the entire canister volume for radically increased contact time that optimizes filtration efficiency. The mechanical stage features vertical twin foam pre-filters to prevent clogging of chemical and biological filter media. The chemical and biological stages are housed in independent modules. Filter media can be changed independently to ensure a consistent level of beneficial nitrifying bacteria..

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