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Find the perfect aquarium to match your lifestyle
Aquariums are our window to the underwater world. This window has never offered a more beautiful and realistic look than it does today. From their curved bow glass fronts and panoramic views, to the clean lines and clear lighting, the Italian-designed Fluval Designer Series of Aquariums stand out as a breed apart. In fact, it is fair to say that these stunning and elegant products have blazed a new path in home aquarium design, transforming it into a true lifestyle choice.

Venezia Collection
The Venezia corner aquarium is guaranteed to make a stunning addition to any interior space. Corners are sometimes neglected areas, but they come to life with the addition of the Fluval Venezia, giving an unrivaled view of the aquarium from any angle.
Venezia & Vicenza Features
Venezia & Vicenza cabinets are designed to completely coordinate with Venezia & Vicenza aquariums. Every cabinet has 3 reversible front panels, allowing you to choose the one to match your color scheme at initial construction.
Venezia & Vicenza canopies house a powerful GLO T5 high output lighting system, easily controlled with the integrated light timer.

The Venezia & Vicenza are powered by a Fluval External Filter. The filter hoses connect directly through the aquarium base in an innovative feature which means less clutter and less mess.
Cabinet feet can be adjusted with aquarium already mounted. There is no need to tilt aquarium cabinet for leveling. Simply reposition feet through the eight pre-drilled holes found inside the cabinet. Adjust with provided allen key tool for desired level.

Vicenza Collection
Starting a new aquarium is an exciting experience and the waterscapes you create can be as different and diverse as the fish and plants you choose to keep in it.With graceful curves, the Fluval Vicenza bow-fronted aquarium adds a beautiful dimension to flat walls. Designed to enhance modern decor with a choice of finishes to coordinate with today’s look.
Take your living spaces to spectacular places. New for 2008, the V&V Designer Series includes 4 new color tones that will allow you the flexibility to create the most dynamic color combinations to date.

Introducing the new Vicenza “260 Limited Edition”. With the truly unique ambient lighting system and rich sliding Walnut cabinet doors, we've refined the style and sophistication of the Vicenza aquarium set. Powered by a Fluval 305, heated with the NEW Fluval E 300watt heater with VueTech technology and illuminated with GLO T5 HO lamps, the Vicenza 260 Limited Edition is sure to be a hit with the discriminating customer. (1000 pcs is in reserve for this “Limited Edition” offer).
Sliding Walnut
High Gloss
Walnut Finish
   Ambient Lighting

    • 248 Liter Vicenza Aquarium
    • Fluval 305 External Filter
    • Under Tank Connections
    • T5 HO 39Watt Lighting
    • Light Timer
    • Item # 15380

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